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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 6, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he even flew the man and on his private jet. as shown in this video, during the meeting, he said he knew of more terrorists that could be talked into surrendering. this recording obtained by it and maryland based intelligence group, you hear them take the phone. seconds later, an explosion. the man either swallowed, answered of, or had a bomb surgically implanted into his body to get past security. the phone signals triggered it. he was killed. >> they do it better than anybody. >> they will spread the strategy to others. they say we better pay attention. >> if you're willing to strap on a vest, you might be very well be willing to put these explosives inside your body. >> while it is unclear what
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securities he was subject to, some wonder if our commercial flights would be vulnerable as well. >> such small bombs likely would not be powerful enough to bring down a plane. they're more for up close and personal attacks by the assassination attempt. it shows the desire to advance their methods, no matter the cost. attorney general eric holder calls the terror plot as one of the most serious since the terror attacks. the afghan immigrant has been charged with conspiring to detonate bombs in the united states. they are planned on targeting the new york subway system. >> the obama administration debates on how to move forward for the war in afghanistan. congressional leaders met with the president this afternoon to discuss the war effort.
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the national counter-terrorism center, he did not mention afghanistan by name, but says the u.s. is making real progress fighting terror. >> we are applying focused and relentless pressure on al qaeda by sharing intelligence and strengthening the capacity of our partners, disrupting financing. they will return to the air force base earlier today. saturday's attack was the largest loss of life in a single battle since july of 2008. nancy pelosi praised the dalai lama. policy and john mccain were among those pretend -- and attending as they received the human rights prize. the religious leader was the greatest -- absent was president
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obama. he will meet with the president in november. it the american commander for the wars in iraq and afghanistan is recovering from prostate cancer treatment. the general has completed two months of radiation treatment at the medical center. he was successful. he was diagnosed in february. the video taping of pit bull fights and other acts of cruelty. the obama administration reinstated a 10 year-old man on the production of such material. several justices have suggested the footage is to rock. front and center and the race for the governor in virginia, business leaders spent the morning pressing democrats creigh deeds and rob mcdonnell.
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we have more on how the undecided voters in this election could be, the deciding factor. >> the issue that drives this race for many around here is this. the fear that the economic engine is being choked by its own success. >> the area where there are products, people can't move around. >> their offering their solutions to county leaders. he is connected to the issue because he grew up in northern virginia. he wants to adjust to the funding formula to allow northern virginia to get what it contributes to the state tax base. >> [unintelligible] >> he says that northern
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virginia doesn't want to risk losing companies -- they will give them the opportunity every day over virginia. there is not the infrastructure. >> there have been clashes about women's issues. they are not focused on negative campaign ads. >> in this venue, it wasn't even brought up. >> the transportation issue and education. they are important whether i'm a one-man business owner or a man business owner. >> business leaders say is going to be those pocketbook issues and the future of the economy of the commonwealth that will help them decide how they're going to cast their vote on election day. >> both candidates will answer questions tonight on abc 7. they are hosting a special
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battleground virginia form that begins at 7:00. former d.c. council met marion barry -- and former d.c. mayor marion barry drove himself to howard university hospital. he was admitted for dehydration. he is expected to be there for the next few days. he received a kidney transplant , although the hospital say it is not related. coming up, the fight for the marriage and the district has a step forward today. -- for gay marriage. >> and the prediction for holiday les. >> a cold front is on its way to town. we will let you know its arrival. we will let you know its arrival. all that still toome on abc
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the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies
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that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. because rebuilding confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds. the district is moving closer to legalizing gay marriage. david catania brought the bill forward. church leaders and that marriage should be between a woman and a man. gay-rights advocates say they are pleased. >> i look forward to the moment where i can ask my partner, william rainey? as opposed to will use the past -- and domestic partner me?
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it d.c. residents are questioning the u.s. army corps of engineers about world war one emissions found in their neighborhood. it is under way at american university and will last until 8:00 this evening. more missions have been found in the spring valley neighborhood, the latest in a 16-year search for items lost at a chemical weapons lab. the fbi set up a training exercise. the fbi and the media group staged a terrorist attack as part of a training video. a bomb is found on the fairfax connector bus. the videos traits have security cameras can be used to bring terrorists to justice. the video illustrates how security cameras can be used to bring terrorists to justice.
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it will have a live report about retailers coming up. and the redskins make a huge additions to their coaching staff. the sherman lewis ring a bell? things will heat up in philadelphia as the caps and fliers headed the battle. the latest is coming up in sports.
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we have a developing story about a woman struck by a metro bus last night. we have learned that the woman has died. the bus that had her has been routinely suspended. retailers could find a lump of coal in their christmas stockings again this year. >> sales for november and december have marked the first holiday sales will have fallen for two consecutive years. rebecca cooper is live with on what stores -- with more on what stores are doing to prepare. >> retailers across the area hope the holiday season will be the time to make up for some dismal sales for of the year. a new reportuggests that it will not be happy holidays for
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many of the retailers in our area. >the national retail federation forecasts a drop in sales on top of last year's 3.5% decline. if you're smart, you're going to hold on to your greenbacks until you see what happens. consumers are concerned about job security and the falling value of their home. signs of an economic recovery are unlikely to dispel those worries. the retail federation's prediction for total sales could potentially mark the first ti holiday sales is that [unintelligible] >> unless the consumer has security in their financial future, they'll be less likely to buy. >> it was the worst holiday shopping season in nearly 40
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years. retailers offer incentives to boost sales. holiday stores will increase some convenience. -- consumer convenience. that is the kind of deal that this consumer is looking for. >> i am aboard the chopper. >> they're likely won't be the last minute discounts consumers saw last year. this time around, they're cutting back on inventory, a hedge for a lackluster holiday season. analysts are predicting once again it will be the high-end luxury stores. the best bet for getting consumers back inside these doors is offer bargains at discount retailers. reporting in arlington, rebecca cooper, abc news. the skies looked gray in arlington. >> no rain yet, but maybe later. we can order to stop it is going
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to bother you. >> i enjoy today. can you keep it going? >> i will work on it for you. getting close to sunset now, but a comfortable tuesday evening. just very pleasant weather with light wind. later tonight, e weather changes as a cold front heads this way. a dramatically different kind of weather day. let's check the temperatures out across the area right now. running mostly in 68 degrees with a high of 70 degrees. 66 degrees, a very comfortable afternoon. we have been tracking this cold front all along. we're finding that the heaviest rains moving across north carolina are starting to weaken a little bit. the cold front is pushing eastward. most of this rain will move to the south. overnight tonight, there could be a few scattered showers. it is moving right along early tomorrow morning with -- a big
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change coming, very strong winds. 71 and 52, another day were the numbers are just about on target or average for the sixth day of october. in the lower 60's in the city. 67 in gaithersburg now. 69 in fairfax. similar temperatures through the area. colder area starting to show up in the great lakes across the canadian border. it is that time of year. we're still hanging on to a summer weather and pattern, temperatures about 90 degrees. and friday, we will see temperatures warm up even more, and it will get warmer in a day or so. you can see the cold front on the move across the map heading eastward, a lot of credit as with it. very little rain that we think we will seek. any chance of showers will push
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more to the east. gusty winds will develop. wind is gusting 25, 35 miles an hour. our express forecast for wednesday. partly sunny, windy, and smiled. as we head to the next seven days, you'll see the sunshine for thursday and warmer temperatures on friday. more showers will be in saturday morning, clearing on sunday. at the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer, moving you forward. >> some unusual coaching news from the redskins. >> they have a new coach, but let me explain. they know their offense needs a jump-start. they needed a new set of eyes. today, they announced the hiring of sherman lewis. he has been around the nfl at long time and brings with him a
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lot of offensive knowledge. the consultant has played an important role on four super bowl champions. he has been the offensive coordinator for the green bay packers, the minnesota vikings, and the detroit lions. you can read into it what you will. the redskins have yet to play a team this year. the giants -- and none of the other three have one yet. the panthers are up next. they have yet to win a game. >> we know what our schedule looks like and what games we need to win. having some of these games where, you know, people are down on their confidence, we need to take advantage of that. >> let's go to hockey. this will be a war in philadelphia. anytime the caps and flyers get together, it is a star-studded affair. >> [unintelligible]
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we can see what the teams can do. we think good thoughts. >> he was a four-year stable on the flyer's power play. now he is back in the washington capitals. it >> we just want to play well, have a good game. >> is really no secret. you want to play well every game. you want to stand out a little bit more. >> we will have highlights from the game at 11:00. the defense has shutdown adrien peterson, but the packers slowed peterson tonight. brett favre had extra incentive to be his old team. like a drum.
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maybe he was not trying to show up the packers as much as a press his new teammates. whenever it was, the nearly 40 year-old look like a kid. he had fun and run it -- and won his fourth straight game. >> we had church at 3:00, throwing all kinds of players out. i said, i am losing it. man, i'm so thankful the way the game went. the good lord answered my prayers. >> the wizard's open the preseason against memphis. and we will have highlights for you at 11:00. there you have it. >> brett favre has grey hair? >> he does. a lot of us do. >> i like that. >> of the old gray foxes. it looks like chuck schumer
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was not being optimistic when he said the public option was gaining ground. were you hearing, mike? >> the white house is placing a big bet on doctors as messengers for health care reform. obama posted an unrehearsed interviews with doctors from beyond the beltway, expressing the need for action. a special spot on the linkedin search network will add doctors to the conversation. they were in the rose garden this week, and they brought their own white coats. - i'm in. - we're in too.
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are the clouds out there still cloudy? >> yes, they are. i wish you why the clouds are still cloudy, because the cold front is moving in. it will become wendy tomorrow. [unintelligible] it will become wendy tomorrow. [unintelligible]
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the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds knows keeping taxes low and controlling spending is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree.
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because rebuilding confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds. welcome to "world news." tonight, war front the president holds a testy meeting with congressional leaders on the way forward about afghanta


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